Michael Totten

The Road to Fatima Gate on the Road to Fatima Gate

Claire Berlinski is visiting the Lebanese-Israeli border–where Fatima Gate is located–with a group of journalists on an Act for Israel trip, and it warms my heart to learn that they fought over who gets to read my book in the car on the way up there.

Michael Totten, we thought you’d be pleased to know that the Act for Israel media fellows were squabbling for possession of your book, The Road to Fatima Gate, on our drive up to the Lebanese border. I’d meant to pack my copy, but I forgot. Seth didn’t forget, however, so we had a copy among us, but only one. I won’t say that we came to blows over it–Seth was pretty gracious, if reluctant, about letting me borrow it–but he was firm about wanting it back quickly.

Michael, it’s outstanding. I recommend to everyone on Ricochet. I still haven’t finished it, but it grabbed me so quickly that I ended up lost in it and tuning out the very landscape you describe (until I realized that made no sense at all and put it away).

We’d like to thank Encounter Books–which sponsors our podcasts–for publishing The Road to Fatima Gate, and we’d also like to thank them for sponsoring our podcasts. We’d like to thank Michael for writing the definitive book about the Beirut Spring, the rise of Hezbollah, and Iranian war against Israel.

The book has not been released yet (these journalists were squabbling over a review copy), and it’s too late to order from me, but if you pre-order from Amazon.com you will get it in a couple of weeks.

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