Michael Totten

The First Review is in

My publisher recently shipped advance copies of my book The Road to Fatima Gate to reviewers on four continents. As far as I know, the first person to review it is Hadar Sela in Israel, writing in The Propagandist, an ironically named magazine for “the anti-fascist left” and “thinking conservatives.”

Michael Totten is a master carpenter. His work is a long, slow process using only carefully selected quality materials, often acquired with difficulty. In terms of volume, he comes nowhere near the output of many of his colleagues, but what he does produce will stand the test of time because Totten does not seek to tell his readers (or himself) what they want to know – he informs them of what they need to know.


The Road to Fatima Gate is essential reading for anyone who wishes to look beyond the trite reporting of Middle East affairs and find out what really makes this region tick. It offers no easy answers, no instant solutions and little comfort or reason for optimism. But then again, that is precisely what makes it an accurate record and analysis of five years in the life of a region which, despite always being in the news, so few know much about. Even more importantly, Totten’s work will provide the reader with an essential basis for the understanding of future events in this region, the mechanisms of which are already in process.

I promise not to bore you with links to and excerpts from every review that gets published, but I’m trying to sell books right now because this is the last week that I can take pre-orders for autographed copies. Those of you who haven’t ordered one yet don’t have much time left.