Hamas is Not Only Israel’s Problem

Good grief. An Italian NGO reports that refugees fleeing Eritrea and hoping to find sanctuary in Israel are being kidnapped en route in Egypt by Hamas, held for ransom, tortured, raped, and even killed for their organs.


According to refugees who survived similar journeys and reached Israel, once the ransom is paid, the traffickers escort the prisoners to certain points along the border. Those who are unable to gather the funds will meet a bitter end.

EveryOne officials claim that despite their repeated efforts to inform the Egyptian authorities of the dire situation, no action has been taken to remedy it, primarily because terrorist groups are behind the atrocities.

“The authorities have still not carried out any inspections of the locations that have been pointed out to them (in the town of Rafah),” the statement reads. “The reason is quite clear… behind the crimes that serve to fund terrorism and to make huge profits for unscrupulous people is a criminal organization so powerful that it is able to challenge and defy governments: the Muslim Brotherhood (the organization Hamas belongs to) and al-Qaeda.”


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