Thursday Linkage

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The Fruits of Weakness.

WE’D BETTER HOPE THIS IS JUST BOMBAST: “North Korea said on Friday the peninsula was heading toward war and it was ready to tear up all agreements with the South after it accused the reclusive state of torpedoing a navy ship near their disputed border.”


HEZBOLLAH IS INTERESTING IN THE WAY FREDDY KRUGER IS INTERESTING: Michael Ledeen has more on why searching for Hezbollah “moderates” is such a half-baked idea, and retired Lt. Col. Rick Francona wonders why John Brennan, who hatched this idea in the first place, still has a job.

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE: The cyborg insects are coming.

MICHAEL RUBIN reviews Lebanese-American author Michael Young’s new book The Ghosts of Martyrs Square, which I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to understand what has happened to that tortured country since the Syrians were evicted in 2005.

THE TRUTH ABOUT SYRIA. Evelyn Gordon understands what the White House does not. “As long as Assad can get everything he wants from the West without a peace deal, Israeli-Syrian peace will be unattainable. Only when the West starts punishing ‘resistance’ rather than rewarding it will Assad’s strategic calculation change.”


CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS: Don’t let Iran blackmail the world.

MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD’S CHIEF OF STAFF says Iran can destroy Israel in a week.

SEARCHING FOR MODERATE TERRORISTS is a complete waste of time.

SIGH: Pakistan blocks access to Facebook and YouTube, apparently to protect its people from Mohammad cartoons.


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