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Guest-blogging at Instapundit

Glenn Reynolds was busy covering stuff for PJTV today, so I gave him a hand at Instapundit. In case you missed my links over there, I’m copying them over here.


SHOWDOWN IN TEHRAN: In six days, on the 31st anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, we may see the biggest and possibly the bloodiest confrontation yet between the regime and its enemies, the Iranian people.

PROGRESS OF SORTS: Gen. McChrystal says the situation in Afghanistan is serious, but at least it’s no longer deteriorating.

GOOD GRIEF: High school girl arrested and handcuffed for doodling on her desk.

SO THAT EXPLAINS IT: Why a six-hour flight now takes seven.

GET A CLUE: Hezbollah is not the IRA.

WE’LL SEE HOW THAT WORKS FOR YA: Obama dismisses pleas from his own party to move to the center.

IS NOTHING SAFE FROM GOVERNMENT REGULATION? The Australian government now bans small breasted women from porn. It’s for the children. No, really.

UPDATE: David Harsanyi emails: “Banning of small breasts? The Mammy State.”

WHAT IF QUENTIN TARANTINO directed the Super Bowl?


THE BEST VIEWS ever captured of Pluto.

CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS ON NORTH KOREA: Kim Jong Il’s regime is even weirder and more despicable than you thought.

MAYBE THEY SHOULD CHANGE THEIR POLICIES: Car bombs today killed 32 Shia Muslims in Iraq, and 25 Shia Muslims in Pakistan. On the other hand, terrorists might be motivated by something more significant than policy disagreements.

THEODORE DALRYMPLE: Save the planet by outlawing lampshades!


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The Great Peasant Revolt of 2010.

MATT WELCH on the inherent instability of corporate monopolies.

A DEPRESSING REPORT on anti-Semitism in Britain.

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