Welcome Charles Chuman

I’m nearly finished with a long dispatch from Sadr City, Baghdad, that I think you’re going to like. And while my publishing schedule is a bit slower than usual, my friend and colleague Charles Chuman will publish some guest posts here to help take up the slack.
I met Charles years ago in Beirut, Lebanon, after I had been there only a week on my first trip in 2005. A lot of what I know about the country I learned from him and from people he introduced me to. He recently left Lebanon and returned to the United States to work for Barack Obama, but he’s still in constant contact with his friends, colleagues, and sources in the Middle East. He knows what’s going on in the Levant better than almost anyone. Trust him. I do. And please be nice in the comments.
I’ll have more of my own work ready for you to read shortly, so stay tuned for coverage of both Beirut and Baghdad.



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