Michael Totten

Election Night

I voted, as always, and if you’re an American, I hope you did, too. I’m going to an election party tonight with a politically mixed crowd of my closest friends. We are not going to yell at each other about politics, not even tonight. That’s just not something we do.
This is a foreign correspondence blog, and I don’t want to get bogged down in polarizing domestic American politics, at least not on the front page. But this election is important, so I’m starting an open thread in the comments.
Who did you vote, and why?
If you do leave a comment, please be nice to those who voted a different way than you did. And remember to feel relieved that we have peaceful transitions of power in this country. In some of the countries I visit and report from, that isn’t always the case. Politics elsewhere is sometimes a question of who lives and who dies.