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A significant percentage of my travel expense income has come from those of you who signed up for recurring payments through a Blog Patron subscription. Blog Patron, unfortunately, has now closed. That cash flow has stopped up entirely. If you were one of my Blog Patron subscribers, please consider re-enrolling with a Pay Pal subscription so I will continue to have money for travel expenses. I would write these dispatches for free if I could, but I don’t have a trust fund or any other independent source of wealth to keep me going.
And just so you know what you’ll be paying for: I have a handful of pieces remaining from Kosovo, and I’ll be returning to Iraq shortly, most likely to Sadr City or somewhere else in the Baghdad area. I’ll also have a dispatch or two from the mysterious former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan which lies between Iran and Russia. The trip to Azerbaijan is paid for by the Azeri government, but I still need money for travel expenses to Iraq and for war zone insurance while I’m embedded with counterinsurgency soldiers.
Many sincere thanks to everyone for all your assistance. There is absolutely no way I could do what I do without you.
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