Michael Totten


Lebanese bloggers Rampurple and Jeha, who both show up at times in my comments section, busted Hezbollah and Michel Aoun for peddling a blatantly doctored photograph on Hezbollah’s An Manar TV channel.
Here is a screen shot of Aoun holding up the photo on TV.
Aoun Propaganda Screen Shot.jpg
Below is the photo. It supposedly shows a (Christian) Lebanese Forces “militia man” in the lower-left corner pointing a weapon at Lebanese soldiers. Notice the cross on his sleeve. The man and the cross were photoshopped in.
AntiLF Propaganda Photo.jpg
Here is the real picture.
Real Picture Before Doctoring.jpg
And here is the picture that was used as bad photoshop fodder. It was taken during last summer’s war and was itself criticized as propaganda for its inaccurate caption. Notice the cross on the sleeve isn’t there. That’s because this man is Hezbollah, not a member of the Christian Lebanese Forces.
Fake Photo Fodder.jpg
Hats off to Lebanese bloggers for exposing this one. Busting propagandists for fauxtography isn’t just for Americans any more.
UPDATE and CORRECTION: Lebanese blogger Nancy says Aoun and Hezbollah were busted on television by Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea. So this isn’t just a blogosphere thing. And N10452 posted this at Rampurple’s site, not Rampurple herself. Credit where it’s due.
UPDATE: Beirut’s Daily Star picked up the story.
UPDATE: Apologies to EU Referendum. I should have said “Westerners,” not “Americans.”
UPDATE: A reader created and emailed a nice animated gif file.