Postcards from the North

While I’m working on my next article, about the devastated suburbs south of Beirut, here are some postcards from Nothern Lebanon where things are a little more peaceful.
Lebanon isn’t all-war-all-the-time. If it were, I would not want to spend so much of my time there.
Cedars of Lebanon.jpg
Cedars of Lebanon
Mount Lebanon Village.jpg
Bcherre, Mount Lebanon, birthplace of Khalil Gibran
Sun Rays Mount Lebanon.jpg
Winter sun rays over Mount Lebanon
Top of Qadisha.jpg
Top of the Qadisha Valley
Woman Cedar Tree.jpg
Woman carved into the side of a cedar tree
Jesus Cedar Tree.jpg
Jesus carved into the side of a cedar tree
Qadisha Valley at Twilight.jpg
The Qadisha Valley at twilight
Coastline at Night from Byblos.jpg
The coastline from Byblos looking south toward Beirut
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All photos copyright Michael J. Totten



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