Iran Wants Lebanon Now

If you have any doubt that Iran and Syria are bound and determined to seize Lebanon and yank it into their axis, take a look at what Ayatollah Khamenei has to say about it. From Lebanon’s Naharnet:


Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said the United States and Israel would be defeated in Lebanon, in talks with speaker Nabih Berri, Iranian media reported Wednesday.
Khamenei praised Berri for his “excellent role” in the July-August war between Hizbullah and Israel, and for the “victory” against the Jewish state, in their meeting on Tuesday.
“What led to this great victory was the unity and harmony between Hizbullah and Amal brothers which must go on in future more strongly than before,” said Khamenei.
Berri is the head of the Amal movement that is allied with Hizbullah.
Lebanon “will be the defeat point for Israel and America,” the two-arch enemies of the Islamic republic, Khamenei said.
Iran, along with Syria, is accused of arming and financing Hizbullah. Tehran denies the allegation, insisting it only gives “moral” support to the Shiite group.
“Today it is (America’s) policies in the world and the region that are bound to fail. These opportunities must be exploited with determination and action,” said Khamenei.


Lebanon, tragically, is resuming its historic role as a proxy war battleground for countries more powerful than itself. Just about every group in the country allows itself to be used as a proxy by some nation or other, and so it continues.


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