Iran's "Nuclear Facilities" Open to Tourists

The Iranian regime is just brilliant. Taking their cue from the Soviet Union’s “potemkin village” tours, they have just opened their nuclear facilities to tourist groups.


Under a scheme to encourage more tourists to visit the country, a tourism official in this western province on Tuesday announced that visas may now be issued through the Internet starting Tuesday (today).
Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) Deputy Mohammad-Sharif Malekzadeh told IRNA on the sidelines of a local gathering here that tourists from any country of the world may now apply for and receive visas to enter Iran via the Internet.
He said that the process of visa issuance will be carry out through an Internet site recently opened.
Malekzadeh said the scheme has been made possible through a clear order of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who last month invited foreigners to come and see Iran’s nuclear sites.
Nuclear tours are now part of the country’s tourist attraction program and foreign scientists, elites and intellectuals can visit these sites anywhere in the country anytime, said the official.
He added that various foreign groups, including a group of British tourists, have so far announced their desire to joint tours to Iran’s nuclear facilities.


Absolutely brilliant. Some people might actually be convinced by this scheme. Plenty have been fooled into believing Iran is a “democracy.”
What do you think? Should I pretend to be a “useful idiot” and tour Iran’s nuclear facilities? (The ones they let tourists, see, that is.) It should be fun interviewing people who choose this for their next holiday.

Should I go on Iran’s Propaganda Tour?
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