Michael Totten

Tel Aviv Photos

Tel Aviv at Night 1.jpg
You could pretend, if you want, that Tel Aviv is a normal place even while Israel is at war.
Tel Aviv at Night 2.jpg
The city is fun. Beirut always had the reputation of being a fun place even in war time. I don’t know if that’s true right now (I get the sense that it isn’t), but it’s true in Tel Aviv at least at the moment.
Military Aircraft Over Tel Aviv Beach.jpg
But you can’t ever forget this is a country at war, even if the war is “far” away. All day long military planes fly low over the beach on their way to pound Hezbollah. I can’t say I feel comfortable knowing that those planes are on their way to bomb a country I used to live in. But I’m not comfortable with Hezbollah’s rockets pointing in my direction either.
Tel Aviv Sunset.JPG
May the two best countries in the Middle East find a way out of this soon, and try not to hate each other too bad when it’s over. Wishful thinking, I know. But how you can not think wishfully with a sunset like that, the exact same sunset they’re seeing in Lebanon?
UPDATE: Doh! It’s easy to get details wrong in a new country. Apparently (thanks to Krik in the comments) the planes are flying low because there’s another airport (not the main one) just north of the city. They’re landing, hence the lowness. Thanks Krik!