Michael Totten

"They Call Us Cockroaches"

I mentioned before that I interviewed Hezbollah’s Mohammad Afif in the suburbs south of Beirut and that he had almost nothing to say that wasn’t boilerplate propaganda. It was boring and useless and I saw no point in publishing it. But he did say two interesting things. The first I quoted here. And here is the second:
I asked him what he thought of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, Zarqawi’s head-chopping mosque-burning faction in Iraq. I knew he would condemn them, of course, but I didn’t expect to find his condemnation convincing.
But I did, as it turned out, find his condemnation convincing.
“We hate them,” he said. “They call us cockroaches and murder our people.”
It’s hard to think he came up with that answer just to assuage me. Hezbollah is Arab and Shia just as many of Zarqawi’s victims in Iraq are.
Mohammad Afif’s opposition to Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia is instinctive. Nouri Lumendifi, an Algerian Shia who blogs at The Moor Next Door, is a little more (actually, a lot more) liberal and thoughtful about it. “I hate Islamists,” he says. And then he says more.
UPDATE: From Instapundit:

HEZBOLLAH hates Zarqawi. Overall, his popularity seems rather low.
UPDATE: And Zarqawi hates Hezbollah!
Is it just me, or is the Middle East a lot like 7th Grade with RPGs?

It’s also a bit like a loony bin with RPGs. I mean, for God’s sake, Zarqawi is accusing Hezbollah of being a cover for Israel. He would be hilarious if he weren’t a psychopath.
UPDATE: Got the motherfucker. He’s dead.