Michael Totten

What free expression?

London’s “March For Free Expression” encountered the absurdity of British law today:

The stewards were advised that a bylaw prohibits the display in Trafalgar Square of any foreign flags, so they had to cooperate with the wardens and the police in asking people to lower Danish and American flags. That’s a shame, but thank you to the people concerned for complying with good grace (and sometimes managing to “wear” the flags in a way that was allowed to pass).

No foreign flags? Odd how the Metropolitan Police and wardens were so good at enforcing the law today. Here are pictures of Trafalgar Square demonstrations involving foreign flags (bonus, Gorgeous one in the foreground), and here, here, here, here and here (amazing!).
If you live in the UK, you’d do better to put this in your lapel than waste your time with these so-called pro-free expression demos.
Andrew Apostolou (dress down saturday blogger).