Michael Totten

One Degree of Separation

Amman, Jordan, is only a few hours away from Beirut by car. By plane it is only minutes away.
A Lebanese-American woman I know of Palestinian descent told me her uncle and his daughter were murdered two days ago in one of the attacks on the hotels.
As it turns out, my friend Roger L. Simon has a guest post up on his blog today by Andrew Breitbart about these same two individuals, Mustapha and Rima Akkad. He, too, was their friend.
The world is a small place. The Middle East is even smaller. Sometimes it feels like a neighborhood more than a region that includes many countries.
Al Qaeda — and I think this ought to go without saying at this point — isn’t very popular in this traumatized neighborhood. They can’t hit their intended infidel target, and they end up killing “their own” people instead.
Sincere condolences to their family and friends, one of whom, Roula, is my friend and another of whom, Hala, helped me look for a Beirut apartment.