Al Qaeda Hits London

What a horrible thing to wake up to.

LONDON, July 7 – London was struck by a series of four apparently coordinated terrorist explosions in subways and buses during the morning rush hour today, which killed at least 33 people and wounded as many as 1,000 others. The explosions ripped apart several subway trains and at least one double-decker bus and caused officials to close and evacuate the entire subway system.

Witnesses reported seeing dozens of people stumbling out of subway stations in a light rain, coughing, and black with soot. Dozens more were being loaded into ambulances on stretchers and taken to hospitals around the city.


I have never been to England, but it’s where my family and my name are from.
Somehow it’s more shocking when it happens in London instead of Baghdad or Jerusalem, but I suppose after all that’s happened it shouldn’t be.
Regular updates here. (Thanks to Justin Gardner.)


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