Eavesdropping on Iraqis

Those of you familiar with the Friends of Democracy site already know what’s it about. Essays from the Iraqi Arabic-language blogosphere are translated and sent to me. I then edit and publish them.
We had a bit of a problem with our old translator, so the posting has been sporadic for quite a while. But we have a new translator now — I should say here that he’s doing a terrific job – and new posts are being published more regularly.
Iraqis who blog in English are aware that their audience is primarily Western. Iraqis who blog in Arabic are talking to each other in their own language. While editing the site I feel like I’m eavesdropping on them and helping you eavesdrop on them too.
Today I published a piece by an Iraqi named Shirko. He declares Syria an enemy state and demands regime-change in Damascus. He’s saying this to his fellow Iraqis. In Arabic. Soon they will be sovereign. And they will have their own Western-trained army. Read Shirko’s essay with those things in mind.



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