Michael Totten

Postcards from Lebanon

Downtown Beirut.jpg
Nejmeh Square in downtown Beirut.

Beirut at Night.jpg
Downtown Beirut at night.

Downtown Art.jpg
Political art in downtown Beirut.

East Beirut.jpg
Christian East Beirut.

West Beirut.jpg
Sunni Muslim West Beirut.

Holiday Inn.jpg
A war-ravaged Holiday Inn still stands.

Me above Mediterranean.jpg
Me above the Mediterranean.

The Roman ruins at Baalbeck.

Bekaa Valley Arch and Mosque.jpg
A mosque in the Bekaa Valley.

Warm greetings in a Druze village.

Syrian Social Nationalist Party.jpg
Propaganda for the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. (It’s supposed to be a spinning Swastika.)

The streets of Bcharre, the birthplace of Khalil Gibran.

Bcharre from Above 2.jpg
Bcharre from above.

Qadisha Valley.jpg
Qadisha Valley.

Mount Lebanon.jpg
Mount Lebanon.