Michael Totten

Republican Celebrities

For those interested in mixing gossip and politics (generally a bad idea, I’d say) here’s a list of conservative celebrities I found via Roger L. Simon’s comments section. I don’t know how accurate this is, but it’s on Wikipedia which I’ve generally found pretty reliable.
Among those listed:
Stephen Baldwin – One of ’em was bound to join the Dark Side. Suck it up, Alec.
Bo Derek – This surprises me for some reason.
Dr. Phil – This doesn’t surprise me a bit.
Gary Sinise – But he seems so sensitive. (Well, he is just acting. -Ed.)
Yaphet Kotto – Cool, in a stereotype-busting sort of way. (He’s black.)
Denzel Washington. – Cool again. (See above.)
Leslie Nielson – He’s not supposed to be a Republican. He’s from Canada!
Alice Cooper – Guys like him seriously freaked out the Christian Right back in the day. Now he’s the man. Heh.
Shirley Temple – She’s still alive?
David Lynch – Proving that Republicans can be weird too. And I mean that in a good way. His movies rock. Except for Eraserhead. What the hell was that all about, anyway?
Yeah, I know. This is trivial and irrelevant. But it’s fun to bust up stereotypes once in a while.