A Portland Connection?

Brandon Mayfield is a 37-year old lawyer who lives in my hometown of Portland.

He converted to Islam in 1989 and goes to mosque in the suburb of Beaverton. And he was arrested yesterday because his fingerprint showed up on bomb-related evidence connected to the terror attacks in Madrid.
That attack was not carried out inside the United States or against the United States. But if this man did what it looks like he might have done, the only thing that prevents him from being a traitor and a fifth columnist amounts in my mind to a technicality.
I’ve read a pile of books and a countless number of articles about people who commit mass murder against “infidels.” Those books and articles rarely account for people like my neighbor Brandon Mayfield who, if he is charged and found guilty, teamed up with people who would destroy our city with a nuclear weapon if they could manage it. I’d say that’s a pretty serious oversight.
By the way, last September a bomb was found on one of our light rail commuter trains.



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