Michael Totten

Comeback for Baby Doc?

In my last Tech Central Station column I argued that Saddam Hussein should be executed because former dictators are potentially dangerous as long as they are alive.
This is what I’m talking about.
Baby Doc Duvalier wants to go home to Haiti. Nice timing on that one.

Duvalier said he wants to help Haiti in any way he can.
”This is my country. . . . I’m ready to put myself at the disposal of the Haitian people,” he told Gillen, who also interviewed him in December 2002.
Duvalier called the recent events ”a dark chapter in Haiti’s history” and said he felt anguish and concern for his homeland.
”I’m shocked by the situation my country is in,” he said.

Give me an effing break.

Duvalier claims there is no legal obstacle blocking his return, a wish he has been expressing since the late 1990s.

He’s living as a free man in Paris. If the French government cares about Haiti, if they care about human rights and democracy at all, they will find a way to put that man in a cage.
(Via Randy Paul.)