Losing His Virginity

Roger L. Simon says he is losing his virginity all over again. Today he is voting for a Republican for the first time ever.
Of course, he’s talking about Arnold in California, a liberal Republican who is hated by the right-wing, but he still seems a bit rattled.
I did it once, Roger. It was for local office and the guy was a liberal Republican, too, and it was no big deal. You’ll survive.
It made me feel good, actually, since it proved I could break out of my own box when necessary. Since then I’ve also voted both Libertarian and Green, which further weakened the chain the Democrats have on me. I’ll probably cut that chain completely pretty soon. And, no, I won’t replace it with another one.
UPDATE: On a slightly similar note, in a great piece Gerard Van der Leun says all American politicians must themselves be virgins.



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