The Christopher Hitchens of Britain

I am pleased to announce that this is the first web log to provide a permanent link to British journalist Johann Hari’s new Web site. (The permanent link is under “Columnists” on the left. His site is not a web log.)
If you aren’t already familiar with his work, go read.
He writes for London’s Independent, which annoyingly charges money to read his article archive there. But you can read his stuff on his own site, and the page that archives his work against tyranny can keep you reading for half an afternoon.
Johann is my kind of lefty, the Christopher Hitchens of Britain. He says in his bio:


Since he began work as a journalist, Johann has been attacked in print by the Telegraph, the Spectator, John Pilger, Private Eye, Andrew Neil and Richard Littlejohn, so he feels he must be doing something right.

Indeed, he does nearly everything right. So bookmark him.


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