Terrorism and Activism

This guy helped build a bomb that was used to blow up a nightclub in Bali. Almost 200 people, mostly Australians, were killed.

He has some special words of thanks for the anti-war movement. (Hat tip: Tim Blair.)


I want to thank the Australian people who supported our cause when they demonstrated against the policies of George Bush. Say thank you to all of them. [Emphasis added.]

First, let’s dispense with the obvious.
This man is evil and insane. His perception of reality is, shall we say, a bit off.
I won’t be a jerk and say the folks in the anti-war movement support the terrorist’s cause. Because they don’t. The anti-war crowd consists largely of the same people who supported the liberation of East Timor from Indonesia, which is on the short list of grievances that put Australia on the terrorist hit list in the first place. Western leftists and human rights activists are singularly responsible for one of the “root causes” of terrorism. They antagonized the enemy. They “created more terrorists,” to borrow their terminology.
However. The creep goes on.

Be careful about making friends with America because actually America wants to control the world . . . all of us will be colonised so we have to be careful about making friends with the USA.

This is the Australian leftist position. It’s also the European leftist position and, to a lesser extent, the radical leftist American one.
So there is an ideological overlap between terrorists and leftists. It may be secondary, and it might even be accidental. But it’s there.
I have some advice for the anti-war activists who find this uncomfortable.
You need to stand unflinchingly against terrorism everywhere, always, forever. This “of course we are against terrorism” line doesn’t cut it. At least one terrorist thinks he’s your buddy. He said it, not me.
When you reserve most of your judgement, criticism, and wrath for Western governments while speaking barely a word against Islamofascist death squads, it sends funny signals to our enemies. I know you don’t support terrorists and fascists. Well, when the victims are Jews it looks like some of you do.
But the rest of you don’t, and your message is not getting across. Louder, please. Draw a line in the sand.
Your domestic political opponents are not your enemies. Hamstringing America and defeating the Republican Party is not more important than defeating terrorism.
Your enemies are those who are trying to kill you. Make the proper distinctions. Get your priorities straight. Trust me, you don’t want to hear Osama bin Laden, or whoever is making those audio tapes, say he’s your pal. It could happen if you don’t watch it.



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