Many Unanswered Questions about Amtrak Crash and Vegas Shooting

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So the Amtrak train that derailed in Washington state Monday was speeding at 80 mph when it was limited to 30 mph. As Sharyl Attkisson neatly tweeted, why hasn’t somebody asked the driver?


I’m sure somebody has, but the longer this goes on without basic information, the more the suspicion grows that the lawyers have gotten their hands around it all, and “privacy” is being invoked all over the place. Or it may be political. So much is, you know. What if there is some reason to suspect that some politically correct or incorrect behavior was going on? I’ve read a story or two saying that there was another person in the driver’s compartment, and the pilot may have been distracted. Were they in love? Was there harassment?

What if drugs are involved? It’s a part of the world where marijuana and more potent substances are in abundant supply.There might be some reluctance to publicly raise such topics.

Have you thought about Las Vegas recently? The months pass, and we still know next to nothing about the massacre. Motive? Accomplices? It was a very well-prepared massacre. We need to know more about it. But we don’t. Meanwhile, our official prosecutors in another case seem to have tried to cheat their intended target:

Judge declares mistrial in Bundy Ranch standoff case. “A federal judge has declared a mistrial in the case against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, saying U.S. prosecutors willfully withheld critical and ‘potentially exculpatory’ evidence from the defense.”


As Instapundit wryly comments, that’s pretty serious misconduct. And it’s of a piece with the behavior of Department of Justice and FBI officials in the ongoing investigation of the “Russia” matter. Doesn’t this remind you of current events in Washington?

The judge listed six types of evidence that she said prosecutors deliberately withheld before trial, including information about the presence of an FBI surveillance camera on a hill overlooking the Bundy ranch and documents about U.S. Bureau of Land Management snipers outside the ranch.

The others were maps, an FBI log with entries about snipers on standby, threat assessments that indicated the Bundys weren’t violent and that the Bureau of Land Management was trying to provoke a conflict by antagonizing them and nearly 500 pages of internal affairs documents involving lead bureau special agent Dan Love, since fired from the agency.

Well, it reminds me of the surveillance—repeatedly denied—of the Trump crowd, and it brings to mind the demotions of various FBI and Justice Department officials once their activities became known. Or impossible to cover up.


In other words, I’m very worried about the state of our law enforcement/criminal justice system. And this story reinforces my worries:

Former President Barack Obama’s White House ethics lawyer warned of “taking to the streets” in the case Robert Mueller is fired from the special investigation into President Trump.

Walter Shaub held the position of Director of the U.S. Office for Government Ethics from 2013 through July 2017, when he submitted his resignation to Trump.

Shaub said at the time that Trump has created an environment where ethics don’t matter.e

Get it? The White House “ethics lawyer” is ready to take to the streets. To solidify the “rule of law” I suppose.


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