The Israel/Iran War Game

Will they (the Israelis) or won't they?  And if so, when?  I know the answers, but you're not going to like them.

The answers are all the same:  we don't know.  And we're not going to know.  So when you read, watch, or listen to somebody who tells you he knows, stop reading or turn off the radio, TV, smart phone, iPad, or other device I don't know about.  'Cause they don't know.  The one exception is if you get a direct line to Bibi's brain, but that's unlikely.

Yes, they're planning it.  They're running all kinds of drills, some involving the armed forces, some involving the civilian population.  That's prudent; they need to be prepared in the event they decide to do it.  And maybe they've actually decided, in which case the drills are necessary to prepare for possible consequences (which nobody really knows about either).

Whatever the actual state of affairs, they're not gonna tell us, and it's quite farfetched to imagine that somebody's gonna put the whole country at risk by leaking it.  So a really smart pundit would just wait and see, because in order to know that a decision is near, or has actually been taken, he'd have to know what the Israelis think they know about the Iranian nuclear project.