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Gaia Joins the Global Mob

Mafias hate free markets and free societies;  it's bad for their "business."  So it's only logical that the world's greatest criminal enterprise (aka the United Nations) should provide the setting for a fanciful scheme to destroy free enterprise.  It will come in the form of a Bolivian-sponsored global treaty promoting the "rights" of "Mother Earth."  According to a report in Postmedia News, the Bolivian proposal will be a global version of the country's new Law of the Rights of Mother Earth, which created a Ministry of Mother Earth in order to give Mother equal status with humans.

The new treaty reflects the long-standing efforts of the country's leader, Evo Morales, to "save the planet" from human depredations.  To that end, Morales has proposed 10 "commandments,"  the first of which, predictably enough, is "to end capitalism."

So Gaia's back--although the Bolivian earth goddess goes under her local name, Pachamama--and she's preaching statism wrapped in pseudo-religious lingo.  It's a natural for the UN, which wants to run the planet from the banks of the East River (so long as its diplomats don't have to pay parking tickets to the corrupt infidels of Manhattan).  It should not surprise anyone to learn that Bolivia's main allies are members of the new tyrants' club south of the Rio Grande:  Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua.  As luck would have it, they are also close allies of Iran and Syria.

It's long been obvious that radical environmentalism has provided cover for statism, just as radical political movements in the modern world have substituted for traditional religion, and the Bolivian scheme elevates the cause of religious statism to planetary status.  It gives the local godfathers power akin to the Divine Rights of Kings, and, just as the Barzinis, the Corleones and their cinematic allies would sometimes gather around a conference table to draft a war plan against the Feds, the UN Treaty places the negotiating room at the end of a divine corridor of ultimate power.

It's a glorious opportunity for an historic press conference, needless to say.  When Morales launches his Treaty, some enterprising journalist ought to ask him if Pachamama's commandments are etched in marble.  And if so, which rapacious monster tore the tablets from  Her bleeding bosom...