Faster, Please!

The View from Mousavi's Daughters

Green leader Mir Hossein Mousavi’s daughters issued an elegant statement today, and I am simply posting it here without elaboration.  As they say, they have spoken for themselves.

To our kind friends and companions,

We are concerned these days. We worry, like any other child suddenly deprived of all communication with their parents and left in the dark regarding their condition and well being.  It is clear to all that our loved ones are held hostage by individuals who feel hatred and vengeance towards them, purely because of their ideals. We are concerned when newspapers insist that our parents are not in prison, nor are they under house arrest.  We have even read in the news that they are being escorted and that we, their children are free to visit with them. Unfortunately, however, this has not been the case. We have not seen our parents, nor have we heard their voices.  The contradictory reports [by state owned media outlets] only add to our ever increasing concerns.

Following a flood of false reports and in order to put an end to the rumors and clarify the facts [something that is rare these days], we once again attempted to visit with my father at his residence on Thursday night. Upon our arrival, while peering through the iron gates behind which our parents’ residence is now located, we inquired whether our parents were still there and if so, requested to meet with them.  The security agents as: “Who has given you permission?” to which we responded “Keyhan newspaper, Tehran’s Prosecutor, and the Exterior Minister. We were under the false impression that some of these state owned media outlets were reliable. We believed them and are here to see our parents in order to alleviate our concerns.”

The response to our question was once again negative. We were told: “No you may not visit with them. The news is false. Those who published the news have erred. Go to the Revolutionary Court! Go see the judge!”

Our parents are not criminals… they have only disappeared. We will see a judge some day. God will be our judge and we will ask God to render his verdict.

As the children of parents who have been held hostage for more than two weeks and have virtually disappeared, we are concerned.  We will nevertheless wait as God himself so eloquently stated: “And keep yourself patient [by being] with those who call upon their Lord in the morning and the evening, seeking His countenance [Holy Quran: Surat Al-Kahf: 28]. We will continue to wait like our two disappeared loved ones who have remained patient and steadfast despite the misery they have been forced to endure. We will continue to wait like our two beloved who have called upon God to protect them, for we are certain that they too are patiently waiting.

We will remain their companions on this difficult journey. We write to you about bitter days during which we have had no news of our parents. We write to you about their bizarre disappearance, their house arrest, their detention and so much more.  We write to you because you have always been our trusted companions. It was the strength, compassion, and perseverance of our people that allowed our parents to give their heart and soul to our nation in June of 2009. For even then they were fully aware that they would stand firm on the promise they had made to God and with the people of their nation.

If we speak of our sorrow we do so amongst friends and confidants. Throughout this ordeal we never heard about their pain, the bitterness, the difficulties and injustices they have had to endure.  We are reminded of the night of June 12th, after the repeated attacks when we asked our father worried: “What will happen tomorrow?” With the same calm, dignity and strength he is now loved for he replied: “What is more important than results is holding our head up high in the face of God, our nation and history.” Tomorrow arrived and the days that followed only became more difficult to endure. Though they have endured endless suffering, defamation and slander,  like you they have remained steadfast and proud in the eyes of God, our nation and history.  This is our only hope, our only wish….