Still More Ahmadinejad Meetings: He Charms the Lefties

He was certainly a busy fellow in New York.  Banafsheh passed this on.  He met with a hundred

leaders and representatives of anti-war, labor, alternative media and Iranian and Palestinian solidarity organizations. Among the participants were Sarah Martin, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Margaret Sarfehjooy, board member of the Minneapolis-based Women Against Military Madness, former attorney general Ramsey Clark, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Sara Flounders from the International Action Center, Brian Becker of the ANSWER coalition, Ramona Africa of the Free Mumia Coalition and Amiri Baraka, poet and activist.


No doubt Ron Radosh will deconstruct this list, but at first blush it seems to be the Old Left (Ms Sarfehjooey, for example, who is a nurse in Minneapolis, recently participated in what Workers World called the biggest nurses’ strike in US history) plus whatever form of fanaticism Ramsey Clark represents, and they proclaimed themselves well satisfied with their conversation.  Ahmadinejad agreed with everything they said, and then called for common action against the warmongers in America.

Perhaps the most striking statement from a participant points to Ahmadinejad’s ambitious agenda:  to organize Americans on behalf of Iran.

Margaret Sarfehjooy reported, “I think the meeting was important because we had the opportunity to meet with so many dedicated grassroots activists from all over the country and share our hopes for peace and justice with the Iranian people through their president and his wife.”


As if the “dedicated grassroots activists” would not otherwise have had the chance to meet…maybe the Iranians even covered the activists’ expenses?

I wonder who else was brought to New York in order to coordinate action with Tehran…


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