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Ahmadinejad Charms the Yalies

Thanks to Hillary Leverett, the Yale prof and female member of the well known Flynt and Hillary Iran appeasement team.  She set it up, and–according to the Yale Daily News account–neither she nor any of her students seemed to notice that Iran kills Americans most every day.

Leverett said she thinks students took away from the meeting in New York that Ahmadinejad is “not a crazy, irrational leader,” and whether students agree with him or not, he has a strategy for Iran. She added that she also hopes students understand “that it will take a lot more from the U.S. if we want to have a real policy of engagement.”

Not all the students were charmed.

Ahmadinejad also spoke about his vision for an approach to international relations governed by justice and righteousness, said Osman Haneef GRD ’11, another member of the class.

“In some sense, justice in the international system sounds great, but not the kind of justice he is looking for,” he said.

More good news: the females in the group didn’t cover their heads.  Have a look:

Photo detail

Yale should advertise this sort of thing:  “for a mere 40-50 thousand dollars a year, your kids can meet the worst people in the world, guided by professors who think it’s mainly our fault.”

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