Please, STOP ME before I kill myself

Sometimes the mullahs really outdo themselves.  They have a great natural flair for slapstick (if only we had a secretary of state who wanted to poke fun at the Iranian regime, she could have her own prime time show), but this latest is a classic.  Remember the scene in the movie “Hook” where Captain Hook holds a flintlock pistol to hs head and says to the loyal Smee “don’t try to stop me, Smee”?  And Smee just stands there.  So Hook says, “don’t you dare try to stop me, Smee.”  And Smee just stands there.  And then Hook erupts, “Smee!  STOP ME!!”


Here’s the ayatollish version of that scene, from al-Reuters:

…an Iranian official told Iranian firms on Monday to suspend commercial links with international companies which might have ‘Zionist’ shareholders… Monday’s order suggested the government was going beyond the usual scope of Israeli companies and focusing on other international firms with Israel-linked investors, but did not name any particular firm.

This is tantamount to a total end of all commerce with the whole world.  Because the number of companies with ZERO Jewish shareholders is most probably ZERO.


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