Faster, Please!

Is the Great Iraqi Civil War On at Last?

If so, it’s between Shi’ites and other Shi’ites. The Iraqi Army (mostly Shi’ite) is now fighting Iranian-supported Shi’ite militias in four cities across the country, at the same time Iranian proxies, supported by the Iranian (Shi’ite) army (in the form of the Quds Force, the foreign arm of the Revolutionary Guards), send rockets into the Green Zone in Baghdad. And I have a little tidbit, not yet reported in our ever vigilant MSM: the terrorists tied pictures of the late, great terrorist (a Shi’ite, and the main Iranian agent in the region) Imad Mughniyah to the rockets.

I suppose that was for our benefit, ust in case anyone was wondering how carefully the mullahs are trying to hide their role in all this.

And what about that great fighter, Moqtadah al Sadr? He is often mentioned in accounts of the recent fighting, but he is not present on the battlefield. That is because the mullahs gave up on him some time ago–unlike some of our journalists, and some of our analysts in the fancifully named Intelligence Community–they saw that Moqtadah had very low standing among the Iraqi masses. So they recalled him for an intense Bible Study course, split his movement into various shards, and appointed some of their reliable killers to manage the pieces. Those are the “militias” against which the Iraqi Army is fighting these days. Good old Steve Schippert has a good rundown on it over at National Review’s military blog, The Tank. Have a look.

And for heaven’s sake, stop watching television. It’s bad for your grey cells.