More Mullahs' Lies

So the mullahs have lied once again to the Iranian people. On Sunday, the regime promised they would not be raising gasoline prices. Less than two days later they raised them by twenty-five percent. Meanwhile housing prices are up one hundred percent, vegetables have tripled, and citizens are beaten up in the streets. And still there are apologists in the West who say this regime has the support of most Iranians.


If a government behaved like this in a free country, it would be turned out of office in a nanosecond. The Yahoo! story is pretty good, pointing out that President Ahmadi-Nezhad promised to spend Iran’s huge oil revenues on improving people’s lives, but in fact it all goes to terrorist groups like Hamas (to which they could have added Hizbollah, Islamic Jihad, al Qaeda, Fatah, and the rest of the motley jihadis).

As I have been saying all these years, Iran fulfills every requirement of a “pre-revolutionary situation.” Yet our leaders will not support that revolution. Indeed, according to the mullahs latest fantasy, the leading supporter of “velvet revolution” in Iran is George Soros, and his primary revolutionary agent is an Iranian-American woman who has labored mightily to advance the cause of the Islamic Republic among American academics and politicians.

Quoting an Intelligence Ministry statement, state media said May 21 that Haleh Esfandiari and her employer, the Washington-based Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars, were trying to set up a network “against the sovereignty of the country.”

It also accused a New York-based foundation set up by U.S. financier George Soros of being involved in the network.


Poor Soros! Here he’d been lambasting Bush and Cheney for their failure to use diplomacy to pressure Israel to make a deal with the “Political wing” of Hamas, and thereby weaken Iran’s influence over Hamas terrorists. Only to be bitch slapped by the mullahs.


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