Faster, Please!

The War Against the Jews

In case you hadn’t noticed, antisemitism is rising right alongside appeasement of the jihadis. I read somewhere that some British schools have stopped teaching the history of the Holocaust because…well because it’s too controversial. Ahmadi-Nezhad for Education Minister?

And in France, antisemitic actions are a new national sport:

PARIS (Reuters) – More than 50 Jewish tombs were damaged overnight in a cemetery in the northern French city of Lille, a local government official said on Sunday.

“Fifty-one tombstones were damaged, of which two were broken. The vertical part was separated from the horizontal part or broken,” a spokeswoman for the local prefecture said, adding that none of the tombs were broken into. Police had opened an inquiry and called on any witnesses to the incident, which occurred in the Jewish section of the Lille-South cemetery, to come forward, she said.

Interior Minister Francois Baroin condemned the attack, in which several tombstones were knocked over. “Francois Baroin … condemns with the greatest firmness the acts committed in the night from Saturday to Sunday,” his office said in a statement, adding that the damage was “intolerable”.

France is home to western Europe’s biggest Jewish and Muslim communities.

It’s obvious, isn’t it, that if you can attack dead Jews and prevent your people from learning about the history of the Jews, it’s only a short step to killing live Jews?