The Double Standard

If you were fighting a war, you’d want your enemy held to the strictest possible standards, while you had a free run at him, right?


And so it is with the Iranians:


Iran’s Revolutionary Guards will pursue Kurdish rebels inside Iraq’s borders if the Baghdad government fails to expel them from frontier zones, the head of the elite force warned on Wednesday, cited by AFP.

“I warn the Kurdish movements of Iraq and Iranian anti-revolutionary armed rebels linked to foreigners that the Iraqi government must expel them from the region,” said Yayha Rahim Safavi, according to the Mehr news agency.

“Otherwise, the Revolutionary Guards will view it as its right to chase and neutralise them beyond borders to defend its own security and that of the Iranian people,” he said.

Meanwhile, the likes of Senators Biden, Clinton, Levin and Reid insist that we must not, under any circumstances, cross into Iran to kill those who are killing us.

In other words, Iranian sovereignty is absolute, but Iraq is wide open for any terrorist who wants to go there.

Senator Levin, the latest convert to neoconservatism, yesterday said he believed we should go after Iranian and Syrian terrorist training camps and sites where weapons destined for use against our troops were assembled or manufactured.

Maybe he’d like to explain how that can be done without crossing the border?


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