The Left Just Can't Wait for the 2018 Elections

Happy New Year! (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

The Democrat-Media Complex is really salivating over the largely imaginary prospects of a “blue wave” in elections that will be held ten months from now. At last, a way to neutralize Trump! It may be just a dream, but, golly, do they ever wish it so:


As 2017 closes, almost all signs point toward big Democratic gains next year, largely driven by President Trump’s widespread unpopularity. And some of the pugnacious instincts that helped the president win election a year ago may now be worsening his party’s dilemma.

Midterm elections “are a referendum on the party in power,” notes Sean Trende, political analyst for the Real Clear Politics website. During the Obama years, Trende correctly forecast that Democrats had underestimated the potential of a surge of conservative white Americans voting Republican. Now, he says, Republicans are making a mistake in assuming that turnout will once again favor them in an off-year election.

Trump has “terrible numbers,” Democrats have a large advantage in polls, and “it all adds up to a really rough midterm” for the GOP, Trende says.

Hmmm.  Seems to me I was hearing the same thing from Democrats right up to about 10 p.m. last Nov. 8.  But hey:

Throughout the year, opposition to Trump has generated energy among Democrats. But something new has been added to the mix in recent months, said Joe Trippi, the veteran Democratic consultant who served as media strategist for Doug Jones’ upset Senate election this month in Alabama.

“The sense of chaos, the constant fight, fight, fight and alarm bells going off all the time” has deeply troubled voters, including many who backed Trump last year, Trippi said. “There’s this sense of being on edge,” which Alabamians talked about frequently, Trippi said. “That’s what they don’t want anymore.”


And just who, exactly, is “they”?

If a year of Trump has put voters in the mood for less confrontation, that poses a big challenge for Republicans. “I don’t know how you stop Donald Trump from putting people on edge,” Trippi said. “That’s what he does.”

[Weasel words in bold.]

Seems to me that’s exactly what America voted for in electing him in the first place. If the Democrats think defeating retread Ed Gillespie and eccentric Roy Moore is the first eddy of an incoming wave, they’re fooling themselves.




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