In Wake of Latest Muslim Attack, Reuters Smears... Marine Le Pen

(Photo by Bakounine/Sipa USA)

The international media’s animus against patriotic conservatives is on display every day, but this lede on a Reuters story about French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s reaction to yesterday’s Muslim atrocity in London takes the cake:


Far-right leader Marine Le Pen on Thursday said the lone-wolf attack outside parliament in London underscored the need for tighter border controls, as France shuddered at an incident that reopened wounds inflicted by similar assaults at home.

Security is a major campaign issue ahead of next month’s close-fought presidential election, in which Le Pen is seen reaching the second round on a nationalist, anti-immigration platform.

Wednesday’s attack has dominated French news coverage and served as a poignant reminder of militant attacks on French soil that have killed more 230 people since the start of 2015. “The problem we have nowadays is this form of low-cost terrorism,” the National Front leader told BFM TV and RMC radio, adding “we must control our borders.”

Three French schoolchildren were among those hurt by the London attacker who ploughed into pedestrians as he sped along Westminster bridge toward the British parliament.

And that’s how it’s done — before Ms. Le Pen can even get a word out, Reuters identifies her as “far-right,” counting on their readers to make the Narrative-fueled jig from Le Pen, to her controversial (and unelectable) father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, to the “far right” National Socialist German Workers Party and thus, of course, to Hitler.


Meanwhile, back on the “lone wolf” front, British police have arrested other possible members of the lone-wolf pack:

British Prime Minister Theresa May said the assailant who killed three people and injured dozens before being shot dead was British-born. Police arrested eight people in a series of raids in London, Birmingham and other parts of the country.

“British-born,” perhaps, but in no way British. The distinction — which the media is trying so hard to erase — is crucial. Don’t be fooled by a passport.


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