Marxist Mayor in Dutch with the Feds over Money

The mayor of New York City, Warren Wilhelm, Jr. — excuse me! Bill de Blasio! — gives off the stench of corruption like a poorly ventilated outhouse. And you know — where there’s stink, there’s…


Mayor de Blasio will be questioned by federal prosecutors Friday morning as part of the wide-ranging investigation into his campaign fundraising, sources told The Post. The long-anticipated sit-down with prosecutors from Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara’s office will take place at the Midtown offices of the mayor’s lawyer, Barry H. Berke of Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel, sources said.

The feds have been probing whether de Blasio and his aids traded favors in exchange for donations to his 2013 campaign or to his shuttered nonprofit, the Campaign for One New York.

Democrats and corruption go together like, well, Democrats and corruption. But de Blasio, who won elective office with the votes of a disinterested minority of Democrats in a one-party state (which meant he swamped the Republican anyway), is a special case:


Recently, investigators have been zeroing in on de Blasio’s relationship with rabbi and political fundraiser Moishe Indig, a leader in Williamsburg’s Hasidic community who hosted a fundraising event for the mayor in Oct. 2013, The New York Times reported… Meanwhile, grand juries have been hearing evidence related to separate state and federal inquiries into the de Blasio administrations fundraising practices.

The Democrats are paying a steep price for having sold their souls to the corrupt Clintons in 1992 and, like Lady Macbeth herself, cannot scrub away the damned spot. Serves them right.


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