The Wages of Merkelism, and the Death of Europe

Just as the West had been warned might happen this Christmas season, a likely Muslim terrorist has driven a huge lorry (LKW, in German parlance) into a crowd of holiday shoppers at one of the most important places in Berlin, killing at least twelve. While it’s still unclear exactly who was driving the truck — police apparently have been questioning the wrong suspect — no one will be surprised if this murderer turns out to be one of Angela Merkel’s imported Islamic soldiers, who slipped into the heart of central Europe under false pretenses, and now have opened up a new front in Islam’s war on Judeo-Christian civilization.


In case you were looking for a motive, the generic name of the Advent markets in Germany and Austria is Christkindlmarkt — the “Christ-Child Market.”

The latest example of spontaneous-combustion jihad — the politically correct media insists on calling the atrocity a “truck attack,” as if trucks were creatures of free will — echoes a similar incident in Nice, France, on July 14, a major French holiday. And yet, as usual, apologists for and western collaborators with Islam insisted that there was “no evidence” of a larger plot, or of “foreign involvement,” as if either of those things matter. For one thing, each “soldier of Allah” is an entity until himself; for another, the very presence of a million or more Muslims in a Christian country like Germany is all the evidence of foreign involvement we need.

That those million Muslims are in Germany is entirely the fault of the second-worst German chancellor of the past hundred years, the wretched Angela Merkel, whose colossal stupidity in falling for the “plight” of “refugees” will go down in history as the greatest civilizational error since the Trojans opened their gates to a giant horse stuffed full of Greeks. Whether from naivete, arrant stupidity, cultural inexperience with Islam or sheer malevolence toward a country she was raised to despise and betray, Merkel opened the borders of Germany in 2015 with the bold motto “wir shaffen das” (we can do it). In flooded an army of mostly young males of military age without the slightest interest in accommodating themselves or their rancid culture to western European cultural norms, but with rapine, exploitation and Islamic triumphalism foremost on their dark and savage minds.


That Merkel — like all the politically correct liberals across the European Union who have brought Europe to its present low estate — could not see this coming speaks to the tyranny of cultural Marxism that imposed itself on the nation-states of Europe in the form of the EU: a form of compulsive national suicide, preached as the logical consequence of guilt over World War II and imposed using the stick of “racism” with which to beat a gullible public.

Until now, Germany has suffered relatively little blowback to the willful blindness of its leaders: a suicide bombing here, a mass shooting there, a machete attack. Even the rape and murder of Maria Ladenburger in Freiburg by an Afghan “minor” “migrant” could not wake the country from its torpor.

And now comes Berlin. The site of the attack — the plaza near the famous Ku’damm (the main street of the former West Berlin) and a stone’s throw from the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial church — demolished during the war but left to stand as a ruined memento mori of the war’s devastation — now becomes a new memorial to a new war: a war that must be prosecuted with the same zeal and finality that rid the world of Nazi Germany in 1945. For the world now faces an even more worrisome, atavistic, and implacable foe that must be destroyed if western culture is to survive without fear or compromise.

The Kaiser-Wilhelm Memorial Church on the Ku'damm

The Kaiser-Wilhelm Memorial Church on the Ku’damm (Shutterstock)

Wir koennen das nicht schaffen. That this must be the end of Merkel and Merkelism should go without saying. Any decent human being, who has cost the lives of so many of her fellow citizens in order to believe in a wholly untenable view of the nature of Islam and of the Muslim “faith,” would have resigned in disgrace by now, offered all she had to make restitution to her victims, and then disappeared from history.

But no — not Merkel and not the cultural leftist impulse she embodies. (That she is a “conservative” by German standards tells you all you need to know about the dearth of real conservatives across the Continent.) Until yesterday, the childless “Mutti” (Mama) Merkel has stubbornly clung to the idea of running for office again next year — and, amazingly, the polls have been in her favor. After being pulverized by the Americans and the Soviets during WWII and then split between west and east until 1989, when the Berlin Wall finally fell, Germans have had the piss and vinegar knocked out of them; Germany today is a land of effeminate men and brassy, childless women, with a political consensus that they should all put themselves out of their misery as quickly as possible by not having any more children.

Which is why Merkel’s decision to import hostile aliens makes even less sense that some think. The notion that, because of Germany’s historic levels of childlessness (and this in a country notorious for Kinderfeindlichkeit, which means “enmity toward children”), the technologically advanced Federal Republic ought to import a million or more savages whose culture has invented absolutely nothing of use to any civilized human being in the last thousand years, was always delusional to begin with. But for Merkel to insert an enemy with whom Christian Europe has been at war for more than a millennium without so much as a by-your-leave from her neighbors was the height of folly.


In The Guardian, the eminent German commentator Josef Joffe writes:

There is a scene in the fifth season of Homeland that says it all. Caught snooping in Germany, the CIA is ordered by the government to expel a high-ranking member of their Berlin team. Carrie, the show’s heroine, is perplexed, and asks her old mentor Saul: “What’s wrong with these new Germans?” Saul says: “I don’t know. They used to fight like hell.”

But now the cocoon has burst for good. Ever protective of our privacy laws, Germans will soon come around to much-intensified surveillance, by our own intelligence services and those of our allies. Even before the Berlin bloodbath, the federal government had decided to beef up data gathering and cyber warfare capabilities in response to Russia’s far-flung efforts to manipulate western domestic politics.

Now, Germany will invest even more in security – and perhaps show a bit more gratitude to the NSA, GCHQ and DGSE. Pacifism, the nation’s traditional posture since the second world war, is losing its lustre as Putinist expansionism encroaches on Nato’s eastern borders, while Donald Trump dismisses the alliance as “obsolete”.

Above all, if the perpetrator does turn out to be a refugee, Merkel’s “open door” policy on refugees will get a decisive make-over. Recall last year when she flung the country’s doors wide open. Proclaiming “wir schaffen das” – we can do it – she essentially relinquished control over Germany’s borders. Some 800,000 people from the Middle East as well as North Africa arrived.

Merkel now says that if the perpetrator is indeed a refugee, “this would be extremely hard for us to bear,” and it “would be particularly repugnant for all those Germans, who toil daily to help refugees”.


You read that right — for Angela Merkel, the inevitable crime wave that has come with the “refugees” — refugees from what? Islam? — is a personal affront to her sense of justice and fair play. How dare these filthy, unwashed, grubby Muslims not conform to our German sense of punctiliousness and moral rectitude?

But the really scary thing is the premise of Joffe’s argument — that Germany must now prepare itself for even more intensive and intrusive domestic surveillance as the price to pay for Frau Merkel’s big-heartedness. Aside from the labor shortage brought on by their low birth rate and their punitive policies toward employers (Arbeitgeber — “Work-giver” — in German, is nearly a term of Marxist contempt), the country had exactly zero need for “diversity,” as defined by the international Left. But diversity was demanded by those who seek the death of the West, and so diversity was delivered.

Thus do good intentions come to a nasty end. For Merkel, the “open door” was a grand moral gesture stemming from Germany’s ugly past – an act of historical atonement. So is the ultra-liberal state that followed Nazi totalitarianism. “Never again!” explains why Germany, remembering the deadly fate of its Jews trying to escape extermination, opened its borders last summer. Controls are now back, and they will be tightened – as will domestic surveillance.


Never mind that there’s a profound difference between the Jews of eastern Europe trying to escape the Third Reich, and the Muslims of the ummah trying to invade the old Holy Roman Empire (which is precisely how they see it). Joffe makes a point here I’ve long made myself — that the cunning deviltry of the Islamic demand for “asylum” (enshrined in the German constitution as Asylrecht) lies in using principles and laws passed in the wake of the Holocaust to ensure that a minority group like the Jews would never again have the power of the state turned against it.

That the Germans can’t tell Jews from Muslims tells you all you need to know about Germany’s chances of surviving this calamity.






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