Michelle for Senate?

(AP Photo/Ivan Fernandez)

As America’s slide into a hereditary banana republic continues, the drums have already started beating for the latest bit of creeping nepotism:

The Democratic National Committee is feeding excited speculation that first lady Michelle Obama will follow Hillary Rodham Clinton from the East Wing to the Senate. Following on the heels of her well-received Democratic convention speech, the DNC has just printed up Obama bumper stickers and is offering them to supporters of Clinton for a $10 donation.

Ever since that speech, dubbed “stunning” by the Los Angeles Times,speculation has been high in Illinois that the popular native daughter would run for the Senate or other office.


Michelle Obama bumper

Sure, why not? After all, it’s worked out so well with Hillary. Meanwhile, just in time for the end of the Barack Obama administration and the beginning of the next Obama administration, Hollywood provides this tender in-kind contribution to the Democrats:




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