Ship Ahoy! Captain Cook's Lost Vessel Found Off Coast of Rhode Island

The wreck of HMS Endeavour, the ship that carried Captain James Cook during several trips to the South Seas, including Tahiti and Australia, has been located:

Captain Cook’s famous ship has seemingly been discovered in the United States 230 years since it was sold, sunk and forgotten. The Endeavour is one of the most famous ships in naval history and was used by Captain James Cook to discover the East Coast of Australia in 1770.

The last sighting of the Endeavour was around 1778 when it is believed the ship was sold, renamed the Lord Sandwich, and then used to transport British troops during the American Revolution.

Archaeologists believe they have found the scuttled remains of the Endeavour in Newport Harbour, Rhode Island. The Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project made the discovery, saying the ship was scuttled in the harbour by British forces in the lead up to the Battle of Rhode Island in 1778.

The Endeavour was discovered alongside 13 other ships in a massive archaeological investigation which combined high-tech mapping of the seabed with analysis of historical shipping documents found in London. RIMAP said they were ’80 to 100 per cent certain’ that they remains they had discovered belonged to the Endeavour.


James Cook, who was killed in the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) during a fight with the native Hawaiians, is one of the world’s greatest scientific explorers. No doubt the radical, Luddite Left will want to erase him from the history books along with all the other dead white males who planted the banners of civilization around the globe, and made it a better place.


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