Eastern Europeans Unsurprised by 'Migant' Crime Crisis in Western Europe

Have suffered under the communist yoke for the better part of the 20th century, the formerly captive nations of eastern and central Europe cherish their freedom. Which is why they hate to see their western cousins frittering it away:


The strongest criticism has come from Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico, who said in a television discussion that Migrants have become a ‘protected species’ in Germany, Spiegel Online reports.

Anyone with the slightest real-world experience knows that the last people you want to see invading your country are young, single men in want of money and women. Coming from an inimical culture that has taught them that you take what you want from the infidel, they are, en masse, nothing but trouble. As some understand:

The Polish government has also said that Germany has not taken the refugee influx seriously enough, adding that it doesn’t want to take young male asylum seekers in. In Romania meanwhile, the influential ex-president Traian Basescu said that the Cologne attacks were proof that the Romanian government should join its Eastern European neighbours in opposing a quota system.

Slovakian premier Fico called for an emergency meeting of EU leaders in light of the Cologne attacks in order to discuss border controls, hindering migration and the development of parallel societies. His country wouldn’t accept women being insulted in the streets, nor would it tolerate closed-off Muslim communities, Fico said.

No self-respecting country or culture should tolerate that, either. But Critical Theory, political correctness and “feminism” have done their work well in countries like Germany and Sweden, rendering them mentally helpless against the kryptonite charge of “racism” that attends every discussion of the “migrant” crisis.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in his weekly radio interview that it was proof of a crisis of liberalism that reporting of the sexual assaults in Cologne had been suppressed in Germany, adding that the press in Hungary is much freer than that in western Europe. Orban added that Hungary is in the right on the refugee issue and that migration into Europe must be completely stopped.

Hungarian media went even further in its criticism of the German government. Orban ally Zsolt Bayer described the Cologne attackers as “North African and Arabic animals – nothing but hyenas,” in an article for Magyar Hirlap newspaper, Spiegel reports. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is letting her family and children get eaten by hyenas, he wrote.

“There are no bastards on this earth more abominable and more destructive than these liberal pigs who are digging Europe’s grave,” wrote the conservative news site Magyar Idök.

This will not end well, for anybody.



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