Real Americans to Federal Government: Do Something About Muslim Violence in the U.S.

At some point, the country is going to snap. We may be getting very close to that point now:

Paula Proxmire was surrounded by screaming street preachers, angry protesters and unsettled mourners who had just arrived from Sunday church. Her son, Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith, 26, had died Saturday from wounds suffered in a shooting rampage here. The attacker was an aimless, depressed 24-year-old Muslim man whose online postings suggest he may have been motivated by radical Islamist movements.

Proxmire stood across from the bullet-riddled Armed Forces Recruiting Center, one of two military sites attacked by the gunman last week. She brushed back a strand of sweat-soaked hair and sobbed. Her son had been dead for barely one day. Around her people were screaming.

“I can’t believe these people even come here to this country!” one woman yelled. “Why do they come here?”

Because they want to kill us,” a man answered.

“How many more mothers have to go through this before we finally do something about it?” yelled Darrell Gibbs, 55, pastor at Highways and Hedges Ministries. “How many mothers have to suffer like this, having cameras shoved down their throats?”

The attack in Chattanooga, and the raw anger it has provoked here, illustrate the increasingly daunting odds that U.S. counterterrorism agencies face in an era marked by surging Islamist propaganda and a proliferation of disparate, self-radicalized, one-off threats.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the truth. Forget the usual media psycho-blather about “depression.” And forget the willful blindness of the “one-off threat” remark. The shooter in Chattanooga was simply a holy Muslim, a member of the ummah falsely hiding behind U.S. “citizenship,” following the dictates of his “faith” — a faith that is posing a clear and present danger to the United States right here at home.

We’ve now lost 34 people serving in uniform on Barack Obama’s watch, and there are 54 other servicemen and women carrying wounds from attacks on domestic military facilities. Several of the top Republican Presidential candidates are calling to rescind that policy. While some are incorrectly blaming Bill Clinton for the policy, the current version of the regulation most accurately dates to George H.W. Bush, and variations of it date back to Nixon. All of that is irrelevant, however.

What matters is that we’ve now had five mass shootings on military facilities during Barack Obama’s presidency. The policies, originally designed to mitigate the risk of negligent discharges, may have worked from the time of Nixon up until the time we started seeing credible threats of attacks on domestic military facilities.

Now that we have almost 90 casualties (not including a dozen more injured attempting to flee these attacks), it is long past time for President Obama to direct the Department of Defense to adopt a new policy that strikes a balance between force protection and mitigating accidents. The Los Angeles Times asked me to propose a solution and so I have. We need to protect those who protect us.


A good place to start would be to curtail all Muslim immigration until further notice and to instantly deport the families of those “soldiers of Allah” who engage in acts of war. The philo-Islamic Obama administration — hey, maybe that middle name, “Hussein,” should have been a dead giveaway — won’t do it, so it’s up to Congress. Which means it’s up to us to regain control of our borders and our nation before it’s too late.



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