Shameless WaPo Reporter Wishes Everybody a 'Merry Impeachmas' on Twitter... Then Quickly Deletes It

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This truly is unbelievable. A Washington Post “reporter” covering Congress published a tweet celebrating the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. When called out on it, she quickly took the tweet down and pretended her words were “misinterpreted.”


Rachael Bade is a journalist working for the left-wing, Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post. Like many of her mainstream media colleagues, she’s clearly a leftist, but she feels the need to keep up the appearance of being “neutral” and “objective.” However, every now and then, she and her ilk just can’t help themselves… something happens and they just have to show their true colors to the entire world.

Case in point:

“Merry Impeachmas from the WaPo Team!” Bade wrote on Twitter after the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump. “PKCapitol is buying… w/ @karoun @seungminkim @mikedebonis.” The latter all are fellow “reporters” at the Washington Post.

This is sick. OK, the Washington Post is a radical-left newspaper. And yes, it’s “reporters” are generally Fake News pushers and other liberal loons. But you’d think that they’d at least have the decency to pretend they’re more than far-left activists.

Well, perhaps they do feel the need to do so — not out of decency or professionalism, mind you, but because they fear they might lose their jobs. After Bade and her colleagues were called out on their obvious bias, she quickly informed everyone she’d delete the tweet. It was, she said, all a misunderstanding!


“I’m deleting a tweeting tonight that is being misinterpreted by some as an endorsement of some kind,” she quasi-explained. “To be absolutely clear, we at the Post are merely glad we are getting a break for the holidays after a long 3 months. I will retweet the group photo w/ a better caption!”

Of course, it wasn’t misinterpreted at all. If they were simply happy to finally have a few days (or weeks) of vacation time, she and her colleagues would’ve wished everybody a “Merry Christmas.” But no, they felt the need to write “Merry Impeachmas,” the exact phrase used by radical leftists to celebrate Trump’s impeachment.

This hypocrisy is possibly even more sickening than the original tweet — and that’s saying a lot.

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