Conservative Dan Bongino Launches Alternative to Drudge— Gets Boosted by Mark Levin and Devin Nunes

A few days ago, conservative podcaster Dan Bongino started teasing an upcoming project of his. The plan was, he wrote on Twitter, to give conservatives an alternative to Drudge Report which, sadly, has become increasingly anti-Trump. Or so his critics say, at least.


Today was launch day. The Bongino Report is live. For now, it looks like it is exactly what Bongino advertised it as being: a website that’s focused solely on sharing links to news articles and opinion pieces written from a conservative perspective (or at least beneficial to the conservative movement).

As of this writing, the lead article is “House Democrats Release Sham Impeachment Rapport,” which links to this piece at Fox News. Other top links are “George Conway Publicly Attacks Kellyanne For First Time” at The Blaze, “CNN Chooses to Ignore Ukraine President’s Denial of Quid Pro Quo” at Newsbusters, and “Bloomberg Won’t Criticize Dems — So Trump Won’t Credential Their Reporters” at Conservative Review.

Contrast this with “Misconduct ‘worse than any president,'” “NAPOLITANO: I’D VOTE FOR IT,” and “Republican GA Gov Defies Trump with Senate Pick…” at the Drudge Report.

In what can be seen as definitive proof that conservative leaders were waiting for such an initiative, the Bongino Report was immediately promoted by conservative talk show host Mark Levin and Congressman Devin Nunes.


It goes without saying that this is good news for the Bongino Report and its founder. In this day and age, it’s incredibly difficult to launch a completely new conservative website and actually gain traction. After all, the market is — to a very large degree — covered by websites that have been in existence for years.

Having said that, the Drudge Report’s obvious antipathy toward President Trump gave other conservative Internet entrepreneurs an opportunity to step in and launch their own versions of that (once?) popular news aggregator. It’s nothing short of a miracle that it took this long for someone, anyone to do it.

With endorsements by Nunes and Levin, the Bongino Report is off to a great start. We will now have to wait and see whether the editors of the website will prove to be as media savvy as Drudge, or whether this will end up yet another failed Internet project that initially showed a lot of promise, but that eventually proved to be an exercise in futility.

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