Democrat Eric Swalwell's (Possible) Fart on MSNBC Goes Viral

Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell appears to fart on MSNBC. Source: MSNBC / Twitter.

It doesn’t happen very often to him, so this should be a very good day for Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell: he has gone viral. The only bad news is that he has become famous because he appeared to fart live on TV.


Here’s the video showing Swalwell farting. Or, I should say: possibly farting.

And here’s a rather hilarious remix:

Hilariously, the congressman denies that he was the one blowing wind. He actually sent a journalist the text message: “It wasn’t me!!!!!”

Methinks thou does protest too much.

As Twitter user Josh Jordan explains, there’s a problem with Rep. Swalwell’s denial:

“I get that some of you think that Chris Matthews was the farter,” he writes, “but do you really think he has the skill and control to not only drop it perfectly between Swalwell’s words, but also choreograph it seamlessly with Swalwell’s body movement?”


Other Twitter users agree with that analysis. As one Patric Squarepants puts it: “Exactly. He lifted off a little bit and then came crashing down… like the early NSA rockets.”

MRS. Bernie Broad agrees, adding praise for how the congressman treated his fart. “I think,” she writes, “that he is very considerate of his fart, pausing for a moment so that it could have its moment of magnificent glory.”

Another Twitter user adds that Rep. Swalwell could’ve gotten away with it (assuming he’s the farter, of course) if he had lifted himself a little bit more:

It’s all about the lift, Eric.

As for Rep. Swalwell’s denial, well:



Last week, Rep. Swalwell made headlines because he compared President Trump to shoe bomber Richard Reid. In other words, he is distinguishing himself as a professional blower of hot air.

Having said that, there are also some people who believe the congressman wasn’t the guilty party:

I’ve read many analyses of FartGate and have to say that Josh Jordan’s take on the matter makes a whole lot of sense, but I’m open to the possibility that Matthews is just a very talented farter, who set up Swalwell.


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