Trump Denies Wanting to Use Nuclear Weapons Against Hurricanes: 'Fake News, Phony Story!'

Waves slam the Oceana Pier & Pier House Restaurant in Atlantic Beach, N.C., Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018 as Hurricane Florence approaches the area. (Travis Long/The News & Observer via AP)

According to President Trump, he never considered using nuclear weapons against hurricanes. It is, he writes on Twitter, yet another fake news story pushed by the fake mainstream media.


Leftwing website Axios reported Sunday that President Donald Trump “floated multiple times the idea of thwarting hurricanes headed for the US by bombing them, including by dropping nuclear bombs on hurricanes to disrupt their course.” Other left-wing news outlets — from New York Magazine to the Guardian — gleefully ran with it.

There is one minor problem with the story, though: Trump denies it.

“Just returned to Washington from France and the very successful G-7, only to find that the Fake News is still trying to perpetuate the phony story that I wanted to use Nuclear weapons to blow up hurricanes before they reach shore,” the president wrote last night on Twitter. “This is so ridiculous, never happened!”

As the president writes, such a suggestion is indeed ridiculous. In fact, it’s nothing less than insane. Of course, this is precisely why the so-called mainstream media take Axios’ report seriously. They truly think that President Trump has a lower IQ than your average baboon. “Crazy idea? Ah, that must be true!”


The only problem with that line of reasoning is that President Trump not only would never have become president if he was a) as insane and b) as stupid as the media believe, but he would also never have become a billionaire. We’re talking about a guy here who ran a major business empire, who dominated the headlines for decades, who was the host of an extremely successful TV show (The Apprentice anyone?), and who then went on to become president of the most powerful country on earth. And the media truly believe that he’s an insane clown.

Well, I’ve got bad news for those left-wing activists posing as journalists: President Trump is actually very smart. He wouldn’t be in the position he’s in, and he wouldn’t have the life he has if it were any different. There’s no way that he would ever seriously suggest using nuclear weapons against hurricanes. Those who take Axios’ story seriously are only discrediting themselves — not him.


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