Reuters in Shock: No 'Send Her Back' Chants at Trump Rally in Ohio

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

When the crowd at a Trump campaign rally recently chanted “send her back” — referring to Rep. Ilhan Omar — the mainstream media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) immediately jumped on it. The chants proved, they said, that President Trump is a racist and that those who vote for him are at least as bad.


Well, at a Trump rally in Ohio on Thursday, the crowd did chant “lock her up” (about Hillary Clinton), but nobody shouted, “send her back.” That’s not me saying it, that’s Reuters:

The crowd as a whole did not chant, and the president – who was being watched for his response if such a unified cry erupted – did not have to show whether he would try to stop his supporters from engaging in a call that critics view as racist.

Who was being watched for his response? Watched by whom? Ah yes, by our dear friends in the leftist mainstream media, Reuters included. The rest of the country — and the world — weren’t watching for that at all. Why? Because we don’t care. First, he and the crowd were completely right last time — if you don’t like America, please leave… that’s not a bad or racist thing to say. And, second, we didn’t expect it this time because the crowd also saw the Democratic Media Complex’s response last time. Why give them a stick to beat the president with? They’re too smart for that and, so, they simply left it at “lock her up.”


Hilariously, the fact that the crowd didn’t shout “send her back” is then used by Reuters to repeat the reporting about the time when they did. After the quote above, the article continues to summarize what happened last time, and how President Trump was criticized by his enemies (read: accused of being a filthy bigot).

Funny how that works, isn’t it? The crowd not chanting “send her back” is used as a pretext to report — of course, in a very negative way — about the time when they did. You’d almost think that Reuters has an agenda.

Watch the video of the rally (with Vice President Mike Pence introducing President Trump).



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