Erica Thomas Police Report Released: No Criminal Charges, She Told Him to "Go Back"

Democratic Georgia Congresswoman Erica Thomas. Screenshot Twitter-video. Source: Andy Ngo / Twitter.

Last weekend, Georgia Democratic lawmaker Erica Thomas took to Twitter where she alleged that a “white guy” had harassed her at a local store. He had been rude and aggressive, and even told her to “go back where you came from.” Or so the state congresswoman said. He supposedly walked up to her with clenched hands, pointed at her with his finger… In short, he made her feel extremely threatened.


The man she accused of this horrific crime, Eric Sparkes, didn’t take it lying down. In front of tv cameras, Sparkes said that he is a lifelong Democrat with a Cuban background, and that he absolutely never told Ms. Thomas anything even remotely like “go back to where you came from.” He did, he admitted, call her a “lazy” b-word, but he only did so after she became overly confrontational.

Now, a few days after the ‘confrontation’ between the two, the police report has been made public. The Daily Caller explains:

In the detailed write-up about the interaction with Thomas, the officer noted that Thomas said Sparks “approached her (ran upon her) with clenched hands and pointing at her.”…

Police spoke with store management, witnesses, and reviewed surveillance video, describing that Sparkes could not be seen “with clenched hands in the video.”


This is what the police officer saw on the footage:

Mr. Sparkes returns through the door and goes straight to the express lane where Ms. Thomas and her daughter were checking out. He points at the entrance of the express lane, possibly at the sign and they clearly begin arguing. Mr. Sparkes did not appear to be irate, nor did I see him with clenched hands in the video. He initially did enter Ms. Thomas’ personal space but backed as Ms. Thomas moved forward and around the counter toward Mr. Sparkes pointing her finger at him. Ms. Thomas advanced toward Mr. Sparkes a second time at which point, Ms. Murrell comes into the frame and waves for Mr. Sparkes to leave, which he did. Simultaneously, Ms. Thomas returned to the register, stated something to-her daughter and then paid for her items. I observed-Ms. Thomas’ daughter smiling shortly after. This confrontation lasted approximately 45 seconds.

In other words, the footage shows that the Democratic lawmaker was the one with the aggressive, bullying body language. The supposed aggressor, on the other hand, appeared perfectly calm and even stepped back when the supposed victim approached him in what can be called an aggressive manner.

In fact, from the looks of it, Thomas did to Sparkes that which she accused him of doing to her.

That’s confirmed by an eye-witness report:


The store’s customer service manager told police she “heard Ms. Thomas continuously tell Mr. Sparkes to, ‘Go back where you came from!’” according to the police report.

Let that sink in: according to the customer service manager, Thomas told Sparkes to “go back where you came from.” But Thomas pretended it was the other way around.

If the police officer and the witness are to be believed, she literally accused Sparkes of doing everything she did and said to him.

That’s downright shocking.


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